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Cherry Cabs - Bangalore Airport Taxi Cab Service - Safe, Affordable and Reliable

Welcome to cherry cabs bangalore, a reliable and dependable car rental service with a driver. Bangalore is one of the most versatile and beautiful cities in karnataka india. This is a perfect place to travel as this place has something special for everyone. Whether you want to travel from bangalore to any city in india for a family vacation, business trip, or team outing, pilgrimage tours. This can be the perfect place for everyone. we provide a perfect trip where you can enjoy your time exploring new places of your choice.

Cherry Cabs Bangalore is a Bangalore based car/taxi hire company which is safe and reliable. Our major fleet includes luxury and budget cars in its prime condition. The non-automated and interactive nature of booking process has an ample scope for answering your queries prior to booking and post sales round the clock, by this the customer service insures smooth trip every time.

Cherry Cabs Car Rental locations in Bangalore
Convenient Car Rental locations across Bangalore and South India.

The rates on top class car rental/hire service to convenient locations across Bangalore are reasonable. Our Silicon Taxis are also halted near Bangalore airport to reach every area of Bangalore in virtually no time. So you can call Silicon cabs to hire at low cost instantly. In short, we have taken care of every detail to present top class service at reasonable rates.